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Crispy Onion Strings

When we lived in Connecticut, my mom used to take us to this great 50's style burger place called The Hot Spot. Being from the midwest and growing up next to a Steak n' Shake, my mom was a connoisseur in this genre of food, and we all agreed, the Hot Spot onion strings were the most perfect execution we'd ever had. I can still to this day taste the sweet skinny onions in their batter coating, of course never complete without Heinz ketchup for dipping. This is not an exact replica, but when I'm craving those little strings of delight, it certainly suffices. Soaking the onions in buttermilk helps take out the bite of the onions, and allows the batter to stick to the onions without too much effort. Ingredients: Sweet onion, very thinly sliced Buttermilk 2 Cups flour salt & pepper (I use about 1 TBS salt) Cayenne pepper (I use just under 1 tsp) Vegetable or canola oil Directions:

  1. Place sliced onion in glass dish and cover with buttermilk (doesn't have to be totally covered). Place in fridge for 1 hour, or up to 8 hours

  2. When onions are ready, heat about 2-3" of oil in a sautee pan with enough room so that when onions go in, the oil won't splash over edge

  3. Mix flour, salt, a generous amount of fresh ground black pepper, and cayenne to taste

  4. Using tongs and working in batches, transfer onions from buttermilk to dry mix. Shake off any excess flour and drop onion rings into hot oil

  5. When onions are golden brown, remove to a plate lined with paper towels to drain

  6. Repeat until all onions are cooked

  7. Serve as a side with your favorite dipping sauces, or as a topping to chicken or steak for a crispy, salty garnish

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